SadhuBot - Dharmabytes serie
Developping a theme around androids/artificial intelligence and spirituality...why not...let's go!
Spiritual Machines.
This theme shall be conained under the brand : 
(see Tumblr site for more details)
Adding colours to a previous graphite version of the unshakeable Captain Nemo, for some possible prints for sale...
DECISIONS, decisions...
...The Ocean tastes different according to location.

Preferred Version. 2.0 - The South Pacific Ocean

Version 3.0 - The North Sea

Version 4.0 -Bay of Bengal

Version 5.0 - Tasman Sea

Version 6.0 - South China Sea

Version 7.0 - Southern Ocean

Version 8.0 - Sargasso Sea

Because they make the patch look good...
Another TREASURE ISLAND inspired sketch...
and an excuse to try those POSCA pens...
Inspired by the local fauna.

Digital final result, 

Ballpoint pen, version A

Acrylic, Version B

ballpoint pen

...and numeric printing.
It's Autumn! It's not quite new...but it has colours...
Somewhat revisited (yes, the earlier pencil version is a couple of post down)...
From the irish lore comes CUCHULAINN and the HOUND...a tad more urban...did i hear "hip"?...and why not.