It's Autumn! It's not quite new...but it has colours...
Somewhat revisited (yes, the earlier pencil version is a couple of post down)...
From the irish lore comes CUCHULAINN and the HOUND...a tad more urban...did i hear "hip"?...and why not.
Digital A3-Photoshop/Ilustrator
After reading the book, i wanted to do a little exercise in infography, where i could combine facts, sum up the story and have an overall view of the book.

Don't say i would do that for every book i read, but analysing and destructuring classic stories like this one was certainly fun (and beneficial, if you have a bad memory for names, as i do).

Captain NEMO

Final - A3 - Graphite - Digital
First pass - A4

There will be dragons this year...
The treasures you dig when when you go home for Christmas!

Haa, punaise! La claque dans les neurones...De retour chez les parents pour Noel, la nostalgie m'attendait poussiereusement dans un carton alors que ma mere m'a demande de faire le tri dans mes anciennes peaux de mue! Et paf! Et en plus c'est dans l'ordre alphabetique! Merci maman!

Les bonnes compils des potes, y a pas mieux...

Inspired by an exhibition on Samurais at the Quai Branly Museum (paris), Dr Sketchy organised this session.
Ballpoint pen - watercolors