Allan Quatermain Opera

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was listening to the audio book of Allan Quatermain, cree par Henry Rider Haggard, earlier on this summer. Here's a few take at the Man, the enigmatic Umbopa and the perfid Gagool.

Erast Fandorin- Masahito

My favortite detective of the moment, born from the mond of Boris AKUNIN.
First take on the subject. Masahito, his japanese servant is still blury in concept, so he might pop out later on...this year.


THOR - (oldies)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Haaa! Strange things happen when you look through your old files!...
Found that illustration of Thor that i did for a Thread on the Drawingboard site.
Serendipity having its way, and with the movie on its own, i couldn't resist the urge to go backward and post that take on the thunderous Scandinavian!
Please forgive me!

DOOM comics research

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Here are some preliminary sketches for VICTOR von Doom and some tibetan Khampas (warrior nomads).

Comics Excercise

The prospect of making a comics never occurred to me before, too long to draw, too lazy to commit, and most likely insecure about my style! But hey! New is good right?!...So as project, exercise of style, i decided to have a short pass at it. The idea is to illustrate one the most obscure past about a famous Villain: DR DOOM!
One of my favourite, and certainly one with HAS an origin that sparked my interest. A few googlely research later, i was drawn to the moment in his life where he wasn't the infamous Fantastic Four nemesis, but Victor Von Doom, recently expelled from university and disfigured (left cheek) by an unsuccessful experiment. From there, Victor travels to Tibet, meeting a wise man called Genghis, one the Immortal Eight, then sent to a monastery where, after taking control, he seal his fate by wearing the mask and armour that we all learned to love.
First part of the exercise, the meeting with Genghis.
I loosely started to sketch the pages with no script in mind but the general story. Dangerous, but let's see if can add some text and dialogue later on.
So here it is in a very rough nutshell!

Intro. First page. On the left side are some research for the first two pages set up. On the right, was my first pass for the first page. So far, i'm inclined to use the bottom right sketch of the left side. A simple front page, where we have some vulture chicks (yes, it's right there, with a gollop of imagination) on the top part of the page and a ram skull at the bottom.MMMHHH! Decisions! Decisions!...
Page 2.
Page 3 and 4. Arrival at the entrance of a walled cave. Yeah, now we're getting somwhere!
Page 5 and 6. Breaking the wall. Each strike brings more light into the cave. More is revealed...
Page 7 and 8. The breath of life.
Page 9 and 10. Bringing the Wise man back in the valley. Cleansing ceremonie.
Page 11 and 12. Victor Von Doom has a little thought for his mom before being summoned.
Page 13 and 14. Proper introduction to the Wise man, now in solemn attire. Presentation of the Sword.
Page 15 and 16. Flashback/ story of Genghis/the Wise man, and how he vowed to keep the Occident secured!
Page 17. Genghis presents the Sword to Victor Von Doom. A map is engraved along the Blade(design to come). May be a couple of pages will be added right after this. Victor needs to explain his back story a little, before taking off.
Page 18. And he does take off! Voila, the end!

All suggestions welcomed of course!

"The illusionist" Trailer

Friday, March 19, 2010

Here at last! The trailer of the last feature i worked on, "The Illusionist" by Sylvain Chaumet. 2D special effects and animals (except the rabbit) were mainly produced by yours truly!
The movie is announced to be out in the theaters on the 5th of May, according to Patay.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I was just listening to some TIKI TAANE's music, which then lead me to some SALMONELLA DUB thing i know, i was trying to figure out how to draw Maori lads for an hypothetical animated TV serie! Ho boy!

bit of This, bit of That

Monday, March 15, 2010
Well, it is almost time for some spring cleaning and after a bit more of a year without proper fresh posts (my scanner was somewhat out of reach, secluded in a a storage place, trying to attain a certain sense of the world so to speak), i thought it was about the right moment to shake off my sketchbook.

Alors ca y est! J'ai finalement compris qu'il fallait scanner les dessins pour que les gens puissent les voir. Et merci bien.

Le petit Chaperon Gris...fallait y penser non?...par contre, on peut lui voir a travers...rhoo! Je viens de m'apercevoir de l'outrage fait par...

Al Swearengen (Ian McShane)!
Oui, apres avoir avidement avaler les trois saisons de DEADWOOD, et pleurer comme une vieille gauffre sans sucre devant la fin en queue de poisson de la troisieme serie, je m'attaqua de memoire a cette figure maitresse de la serie pour voir si j'avais bien tout compris! A priori non, puisque j'ai pas fait les rayures du costume! ne mange pas de pain et c'est toujours de bon aloi!

Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers! Bon dieu les enfants...quelle bombe atomique! Voila en tout cas une passe sur Nemo...MONSIEUR le capitaine Nemo!

L'effervescence litteraire continue..."Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel", un roman de Suzanna Clark. J'ai mis le temps pour me decider a le j'avais su que ce serais aussi envoutant!
Le personnage, a gauche, qui ressemble un peu a Michael Jackson (je viens de me flinguer, la...) se fait appeler "l'homme aux cheuveux de duvet de chardon" (thistle-down hair) ou quelque chose tres vraisemblablement similaire. Quand a Norrel, le magicien (ca y est j'ai tout dis!)..peut etre un peu trop vieux...allez! on le garde comme ca!Manque que Jonathan donc...

On va pas finir sans un petit dessin de RONIN...non monsieur! Pas chez moi!
Et en plus, ceux la sont a moitie moderne!


Eliot Kid 2

Friday, March 5, 2010
FX designs
TV serie
Studio SAMKA
directed by Gilles Cazaux