sadhu-bot/CGsociety challengeXXI

Friday, May 15, 2009
That was my entry for the CgChallengeXXI, the subject was "strange behaviour". First time i participated at such challenges. Stakes were high, as was the level of the participants...i didn't stand a chance, but is fun challenge yourself anyway!

Its story:

sadhu-bot: "disconnecting from the modern world, sadhus(holy men) are considered dead unto themselves, seeking the state of "moksha"(liberation) through ascetic means and contemplation.They often wear ochre-colored clothing, symbolizing renunciation." -Wikipedia-2007.

"when visiting India during my gap year in 2052, i decided to stop by the city of Varanasi where old faiths were still practiced.I was to take my new position as senior nano-theological anthropologist for "DharmaByte inc.", the leading company in holistic robotic, based in Bangalore, south India.Before committing to this new job, i wanted to get acquainted with this country, vessel to state of the art technology.
It is during my stay in Varanasi, that i stumbled upon the strange behavior of that bot...most intriguing in the least.This picture was taken at Ghat 21, facing directly the river Ganges.My guide told me that the sight of a robot sadhu wasn't deranging in the least to hindus and buddhists alike, the two major populations of Varanasi...and more surprisingly, that it was getting more and more frequent.
the rusty and stern figure of the bot stood motionless for three days before leaving the bank of the river, supposedly to start a long retreat in some caves dug in the flank of mount KAILASH, in New Tibet.
I am still startled by the vision of this disconnected non-being...and decided nonetheless to address the issue to my supervisor as soon as i start my new functions...
My guide told me on the night before leaving for Mumbai, that rumors of a bot being recognized as the new re-incarnation of the Dalai lama were already spreading through enthousiastic pilgrims!
i might consider the detour!"
-raphus klatoo-India,2052.